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Living in Michigan, you're going to endure a lot of snow. Now, we don't get as much as we used to (for me, compared to my childhood), but "less snow" being an adult with a car is way tougher being a 7-yr old trapped in what appears to be 40-feet of it. I, like most, have been stuck in driveways, parked along the street, or wherever the snow sees fit, which is no fun especially if you're in a rush.

If you don't have a shovel (like me), what you would normally do to get out of that hard spot isplace the car in drive and reverse while trying to maneuver your way through the best you can. The gag is, most often you don't get out (depending on what car you have...I suggest all Michiganders invest in some kind of 4-wheel drive vehicle in this mess). You think you're getting out: You take one step forward to only take a one step back, in what feels like an endless cycle. Now with the help of a shovel, you can get some of the snow that's blocking the car's progress from underneath, but you still must go back to the drawing board of the "reverse & drive" thing.

I was stuck in front of my house this morning, and while being helped, I was formally introduced to the "Traction Control" feature on my car. Which is crazy, because I've seen it but never knew it's function. And once I hoped back in my ride, I was able to navigate so much better.

So of course GOD (being as awesome as HE is), spoke to me during what seemed so insignificant and only about the snow, to aide me in my own situations where I feel "stuck". You ever felt like no matter how much you tried to overcome something, seems like you take one step forward, to take one step back? Feels like you can go on some days, but others, you've allowed it to consume you, leaving you feeling defeated? Somebody comes with the shovel to "dig you out" and you're still just STUCK? Or does it feel like all your "good" efforts are getting you nowhere, and you for whatever reason cannot move forward.

If you haven't, I'm here to tell you, it's madd frustrating!

So I did some research on traction & this new feature I learned about, and my findings revealed:

"Traction is important: it's the difference between moving forward and staying still...overall, traction is meant to maximize your forward or reverse tractive capabilities."

Now for me, this Traction Control feature, is equivalent to GOD. Sometimes our tires (our actions) aren't capable of helping us move forward. You've tried, tried, tried. Semi-succeeded. Took another step back (maybe even two). Tried again. Failed. Then realized you couldn't do it on your own, and you needed to utalize the feature, cause that what it's there for. Which is just like GOD: He's waiting on us, to use HIS Feature, so we can move forward properly and become our best selves.

So whatever you're struggling with, it will get better, cause seasons do change, and the roads will be clear again.

Stay close to Him, GOD GOT YOU!


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